In the Shambhalian teachings of warriorship. The wind airy and powerful. Horse means the energy is rideable. More than a feeling, a life force. An energy that can be ridden — I fucking love that. I imagine surfing a strong wave or hugging canyons on a motorcycle. But it is an internal quality we can get to. Different than a flow state, this is more of a life force.

The way in is mindfulness and awareness. People get there through mediation. We connect to it through the unlimited goodness and wakefulness that we already possess, then ride our windhorse through our daily lives.

When we make lives completely about us, it’s impossible to get there. Because we buy into the misunderstand that we are a solid entity. And we believe our problems are solid as well. We fall into a very slippery well. The truth is there is an ebb and flow to life. Nothing is solid or permanent. When we understand this and are able to pull back, tap into our goodness and be awake, we are able to ride our windhorse.

I feel it through helping others, doesn’t matter how I do it. My “problems” dissolve and my life widens. I no longer live small. I become fluid, heart stretches like wings, leaving room for gratitude, compassion, and presence. And I take flight. Leaving my daily trenches of everything going on in between my ears and live on a different plane, a higher one, more simple and clear. And you begin to see things you couldn’t before. Slide your life chips on a new bet.

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