What if this all falls apart and your parents were right?

Everyone’s building something today. A platform, a channel, a brand. We’re selling courses, books, tee shirts, sessions, convenience, access, and information. We’re documenting our lives, producing content, and sharing our stories.

We’re all fighting for attention, the new commodity.

Courage to put yourself out there goes further than a college degree these days.

That’s the current landscape. That’s the temperature. It’s not a fad. The internet is secondary change, change that’s not irreversible.

We are no longer interested in classrooms.

We are building futures from our bedrooms.

Six years ago after my divorce, I created a blog on Tumblr to document my journey. It turned into a full online practice, a two book deal, and now a that’s already trained and graduated over 175 life coaches. We are helping thousands through words, videos, secret groups and online sessions. It’s now bigger than me. And it all started from me writing my “fucking feelings”.

So I’m not just talking about what I’ve observed online in the last few years.

I’m actually living it. Riding the swell, if you will.

And it’s exciting.

The island is real.

It exists.

But most of us can’t see it. We’re swimming aimlessly. Terrified that our parents may be right.

If you’re pumping out content and building your empire, here’s the mindset to have. Or you’ll never get to the island.

  1. Send your parents to voicemail.

Your parents have their own definitions of what success looks like. And because they care about you and your well being, that definition is going to be double dipped in security. That means they will always prefer you having a safe life over a fulfilling one. Because fulfilling means living on the edges and that means risk and probably no health insurance. And you’ll never be able to change that. So stop pulling on that tug of war rope. They have old people strength. Drop it. Accept it. Hear them. But it doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

My parents told me they would disown me if I ever bought a motorcycle.

Guess what?

They still love me and accept me and buy me breakfast every month.

2. Stop Taco Bell-ing yourself.

Today more than ever, we can smell bullshit. We can see it in your videos. Feel it in your writing. If you’re not you, you will become invisible. A star with no glow. The internet has created a space for you to finally have a voice. Make sure it belongs to you and not your friends, other bloggers, or influencers who you believe you should be like, look like, feel like. The more truly you are you, the more you will shine. Because as cheesy as it sounds, there is only one of you on this planet and your uniqueness is what will catch attention. Read that sentence again. Your uniqueness. And if you’re comparing yourself to others, you are not unique. You are the spinning hourglass of a frozen browser. Decide if you want to be a stone or a diamond.

3. Are you giving or taking?

Yes, we all know you’re trying to generate income from your brand. But that should not be the focus or you will have no brand. Provide value. Ask yourself if you’re giving or taking. If you’re solely focus on accumulating followers and you’ll jump through any hoop or wear a clown suit to do it, you are taking. Giving means to ask yourself if the content you’re producing A, lines up with your unique gifts, and B, going to help, encourage, inspire, challenge, teach, or change anyone. If the answer is no, you are taking and whenever you are taking you will never be at your potential.

If you’ve been genetically blessed and people follow you because you’re beautiful, great. You can use that to capture attention. But what’s your message? Because if your message is “look how hot I am”, okay and we will. Then what? You’re not giving. You’re taking. And just because you have a shit ton of followers doesn’t mean they are impacted. You are not content. You are a commercial. You’re also not the only beautiful person on this planet so you are irreplaceable. You are a number. If you can capture attention with your looks, you have a responsibility to make it about more. Or the only thing you are contributing to this world, is insecurity.

Okay let’s tackle the elephant in the room and answer the question. What if this all falls apart?

Your parents aren’t right so let’s forget about that part of the question.

What if it all falls apart?

Well, what exactly did you lose? Because making content and distributing it to the world is free. The only investment is your time.

If you decide it’s not for you, not after your expectations aren’t met after two weeks or you’re not getting followers or clients or paid sponsors in the time you wanted, but because you truly feel it’s not for you. It doesn’t make you feel good. It doesn’t feel right. Then all you have to do is stop.

There’s nothing to fall apart. The internet and the way people are marketing themselves today are not your hopes and dreams. It is merely a tool.

Learn to use it or don’t. It shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. And I think that’s the problem today, people are stamping success or failure on how many followers they have instead of if they are good at their craft. Coaching, teaching, therapy, or whatever it is that you do has been here before the internet. Know that. And know that that can’t fall apart.

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