The Single Most Important Thing To Know About Life Coaching

Life coaching is not about followers. Life coaching is not about building an online practice. Life coaching is not about individual session. Life coaching is not about book deals. Having your own app. Making your own hours, working from anywhere you want and not having to punch a clock.

Yes, that is what the new life coach looks like. All those are great things. And you can have them.


Life coaching, at the end of the day, is not about any of those things. Life coaching is about living a certain way and sharing your story.

The by product of living your truth and standing on it is what can give you all the above.

So first, what does living a certain way even mean or look like?

If you’re a life coach, you’ve most likely been through some shit. You have overcome events, unhealthy relationships, gone through dark life tunnels and have come out the other end, changed. You have been through hell and back. Had your own rebirth, went through your hero’s journey.

This experience has given you passion to pass the baton, take what you’ve learned and help others. Tell your story. This is human nature. The human exchange. It’s how we learn and grow. Through each other.

And because of what you’ve gone through, you now live a certain way. You have ideas, rituals, things that have worked for you. You have shed. Evolved. No, you’re not perfect. And your life isn’t perfect. But you believe in things. You have new lenses and truths about love, relationships, work, health, food, fitness, wellness, life. But more importantly, a desire to keep learning and growing and discovering self. You are a seeker. And you stand on it by living a certain way. Because you believe in change, went through it, and it’s now tied to your story. It’s a part of you. You’ve embraced the unknown. You let go. You trusted the universe. And it has made you more powerfilled. It has injected you with passion and a sense of purpose.

You live different today.

Because of what happened.

Here’s my certain way of living.

I believe in being a good human, especially when it comes to being a man. I helped hundreds of kids who grew up with absent fathers. So this has become important to me. I believe in movement. Fitness has changed my life. It’s rewired me and has given me discipline and new beliefs about myself. I believe in seeking nectar. I used to chase things instead of moments. I have learned the value of appreciating what’s in front of you. It’s the only road to gratitude and higher frequency living. I learned the value and responsibility of being positive and always pulling from love and kindness. I used to be a miserable fuck. It got me nowhere. I learned to stay out of my head. It’s the most dangerous place to be and also strips you of living an meaningful fully present life. I learned to communicate and be honest with whomever I choose to love, even at the risk of people getting hurt. I was in relationships where there was little communication and we did life around each other instead of with. My definition of love is different today but I am still discovering. I am a student to love and always will be. I have learned to appreciate friendships. I had none when I was married. I have learned to believe in bigger things. I didn’t before. I made life only about me and it made me hollow. I learned that the most important thing about life is to live an honest one. I didn’t before.

My certain way of living is putting all of this into daily action the best that I can.

Some days I do well. Some days I fall. And that’s all part of it. Growing, falling, learning, expanding.

Everyday I share my journey. In some form. Through words, videos, sessions, groups, retreats, online, offline. It doesn’t matter. Who ever wants to listen.

By living a certain way + sharing my story, I am a life coach by default. I am directly or indirectly coaching people. As other coaches I follow and engage with are directly or indirectly coaching me.

Life coaching is a lifestyle.

Life coaching is about making a decision to live according to your truths, accept where you are and how far you’ve come. To actively share your life lessons and story with an intention to help others.

Everything else is the by product of that.

What makes you a life coach isn’t the size of your practice or reach, or how many book deals you have.

What makes you a life coach is how you choose to show up in the world.

And use your story to help others.

That’s it. That’s my defintion of a life coach. By living a certain way, you are setting an example. Impacting others whether you know it or not. Everything else is logistically. Training. Branding. Marketing. Etc.

So if you’re a life coach and you’re frustrated because you don’t have as many clients or followers as you want, maybe that mindset is what’s blocking you from having more clients and followers.

Maybe it’s time to refocus and remind yourself why you started your journey as a life coach in the first place.

You’re a life coach because you choose to live different.

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