One of my biggest mistakes in life is thinking people will show me the same love I’ve shown them.

Heath Ledger

I think the greatest challenge with love is the expectation we tie to it. I’ve learned that everyone loves differently. And yes we have wants and non negotiables but you can’t expect people to love you the way you love them. Because we all have our stories. We are all wired differently which means we see the world differently. And there’s beauty in that. Love comes in different shades.

See love as a dance instead of a here’s what I’ll give you now what are you going to give me? Love should have conditions. Yes, people should meet each other half way. But if you see love as a deal, an agreement, an expectation of how it should be returned, there is very little room for magic and a whole lot of room for disappointed. Know what you want. Create the space. Love will either grow from that space or won’t. Accept it fully.

  • Angry

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