Men, here’s something you can do

I’ve been thinking about what I could do to be supportive, because I’ve listen to so many #metoo stories in my therapist career. I’ve worked with so many women who have been deeply emotionally stunted because of what happened. And it ripples into everything, including their relationships. I don’t think men need to be on a soapbox, because we don’t know what it feels like. But we can be supportive.

Men, this is one way we can be supportive. I am launching this shirt campaign today. Get one and wear it to show support. All PROCEEDS WILL GO TO GIVING WOMEN FREE LIFE COACHING / THERAPY SESSIONS FROM QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS so they can talk about what happened. Don’t just watch. Stand. Click the link.

Women, help me spread the message by sharing so we literally see men acknowledging your voice. And create a space for women to process.

Men, imagine the comfort you can give women on the streets and around you, just by the action of wearing a simple tee shirt. #heard


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