It’s all about the peanut butter and chocolate

The greatest potency lives where two extremes meet. Here are some characteristic combos that can make one rare, attractive, and extremely potent.

Clark Kent without the glasses

Strong physically as well as emotionally. A strong body but also a great capacity to practice empathy. Expressing their truth while paying close attention to how their actions effect others. A genuine regard for other people’s feelings. Thoughtful, considerate, and a firm stance. They are great at building safe containers.

A pack of candy cigarettes inside a leather briefcase

They don’t take themselves too seriously. But they take what they do and who they care about very seriously. They know when to let loose and when to straighten their jacket. They have the ability to leave work at work and when they play, there’s no one more fun to be around. They’re silly and light but get shit done when things need to get done. Uncle Amazing.

Logical mad scientist

The ability to analyze, project, and budget a checkbook, but driven by their wild imagination and a desire to enter through different doors. They dream during the day and plan at night. They’re punctual and pay bills on time. They are “crazy”, a bit off center, and see the world and what’s possible through an entirely different lens. They jump but with parachutes. They think about the future but live in the here and now.

- Angry

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” and “Single. on Purpose.” IG: theangrytherapist

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” and “Single. on Purpose.” IG: theangrytherapist