I’m losing my mind. And it’s fucking amazing. I’ve been making an effort to think less. Not care less. There is a difference. This idea of choosing what you think has become a practice not just an over watched Abraham Hicks video on YouTube. Noticing shit instead of judging. Not taking things personally <- huge. Being aware of the resistance and letting it go. Going from macro to micro and truly living in the here and now as long as you can, which I believe is one of the most difficult things to do because we’re wired to panic. Taste things, fully. Feel things, deeply. Look people in the eye and see more than what you think they think of you. When I say “practice” it’s something to be taken seriously, like your fitness, your work, your marriage. Your state and well being ripples into everything. This simple idea of just being is really hard and rare. We are always in a thinking state. And if we’re not thinking, we’re absorbing constant information and images. Especially in today’s world. Or we’re seeking and chasing, wanting something. Constantly. I think this ties into this whole spiritual path I’ve been so thirsty for. I feel like the calm I’m experiencing now is actually training. Before the storm. The new opportunities. New challenges. New learnings. What I’m meant to do. Who I’m meant to become. That’s a thought. I choose to have. Until I believe. Which makes me feel meaning. And meaning is everything. That’s the island. Because it makes me trust the universe. And know there is more. That I can’t see, now. This is a spiritual process. The other thought, calm is boring, nothing’s happening, I’m not getting anywhere, takes me down a very different path, one lined with negativity and meaninglessness. Then you internalize and tie what’s happening to your worth. That’s a human process. So there’s the fork. I can choose. I choose the thoughts that lead to living higher. Or choose the thoughts that lead to discouragement and meaninglessness. Our roads fork thousands of times a day. Always choose the path that makes you lose your fucking mind.

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” and “Single. on Purpose.” IG: theangrytherapist

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