How to use The Hero’s Journey as a life coaching tool

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4 min readAug 31, 2017


One of my favorite concepts is Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In a nutshell, he found a common thread in all of our stories. From Jesus to Luke Skywalker to the guy who delivers your mail.

Here it is in a shot glass so we can get to how to use it as a tool to coach people. Or for yourself.

We all have —

A call to adventure.

Something in our life calls us to do something, go somewhere, execute some type of action. Maybe it’s breaking up with someone. Quitting a job. Moving to a new city. Changing careers. But it’s a call that we decide to answer.

Entering the unknown.

That action throws us into a new world. Now we’re single. Now we’re finally doing something we love. Now we’re in a new city. Now we’re starting a new relationship. Now we’re starting a new career path. Now we’re a parent.

Challenges and temptations.

With every new world comes new challenges. Dealing with new people. Being alone. Making new friends. Fighting for custody. Learning how to live off a new budget. Living with someone. Showing yourself for the first time.

Slaying our dragon.

Now comes the thing we must overcome to be a better version of us. This is something we have probably run from most of our life. It’s what scares us the most.

Death and rebirth.

Once we slay our dragon, we are changed. Slaying our dragon can be an internal thing or an external thing but there is always an internal shift. We become someone different. A part of us dies and we are reborn.

Then coming back to the village, changed and to share our story.

Coming full circle, changed, different, a new person.


  1. The mindset. Explain this concept to your client. It will be helpful for them to see that they’re on a journey. Most of us get stuck because we don’t see anything except what’s happening right in front of us. We’re in the trenches and can’t see anything else and don’t believe we’re going anywhere. Describing the process of the journey, literally drawing…



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