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Feb 14, 2016

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How I met CrossFit Legend, Chris Spealler

Chris Spealler was a poster in my CrossFit box when I first started CrossFit about seven years ago. He was a myth. A legend. I remember staring at him on the wall before Wods, trying to channel some of his speed and ability. Kinda like I did with my Bruce Lee poster growing up, right next to the Heather Thomas poster I stared at for different reasons.

A couple years later, I made my own poster. Not of myself. I complied a list of things we should consider before picking up the chalk. CrossFit not only change my body but my wiring and beliefs about self. I was passionate about creating a dialogue about something we rarely talk about in CrossFit, our mental and emotional journey. The spill over. How we can use what we learn about ourselves in CrossFit outside the box. So I sent the poster to Spealler on the chance that maybe he may open it. To my surprise, he hung it in his box and posted a photo of it on social media. I felt famous. Which faded very quickly.

A few years later, I took one of his in person workshops. It included a workout with him. I was approaching 42 and needed to start crossing shit off my bucket list - working out with Chris Spealler. During the workshop, I realized that some of the topics he discussed were also topics I was passionate about and trying to create a dialogue in Los Angeles all these years. But not a lot of athletes care to hear what a therapist has to say.

This Friday, I will be doing a live webinar with CrossFit legend, Chris Spealler. We will be discussing the crazy that happens in between our ears and trying to help others with their mental and emotional journey as the CrossFit Open quickly approaches.

What started off as a Korean guy in his kitchen making a poster in hopes that it would spark some kind of positive dialogue about change, has now turned into me and Chris discussing this topic to hopefully thousands.

If you want to help us spread the message and help people get over their fears and blocks,

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