Followers don’t make you legit

If you have a lot of followers, that’s amazing. Really. There’s a lot of noise these days so you’re doing something right. But if you’re a coach in some capacity, fitness, meditation, nutrition, energy, yoga instructor, or life coach, and you don’t have any training but want to coach people because you have an audience and a webcam, here’s what’s going to happen. You will be giving a lot of advice based on your own experiences, and that won’t really change anyone’s life. Because coaching isn’t about giving advice. It will only swell your ego and every time you do a session you will be afraid they will discover you’re not qualified.

There’s a big difference between influencing and coaching. One takes more than good content. Coaching someone is a craft. It takes training and lots of practice. Without it, you will start to feel like a fraud and it will show in your content. And you will slowly lose your followers because you won’t have the confidence you once did. If you want to help people, that is noble. The world needs more people like you. But there is a responsibility in doing so. Yes, work out of the box, doing what’s uniquely you. But you have to first learn from the masters before you can authentically create your own method. You worked hard to build your following so give them value by investing in you and your skills before trying to help others.

With a click of a button, you can potentially change someone’s life today (gift). At the same time, you can also fuck up someone’s life (curse).

  • Angry

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” and “Single. on Purpose.” IG: theangrytherapist