Start ups use the Empathy Map as a tool to deeply understand the user of their product. It’s a powerful tool to slice into one’s life and grab a snap shot of their state, who they are, how they think, what they’re pains are, and what fulfills. Once we understand the users unique “pains” and “gains” we can then create a product that reduces their pains and promotes their “gains”.

I recently used the empathy map on myself and learned that it can be a highly effective therapeutic tool. The exercise is extremely simple, however the results are incredibly profound. I really learned a lot about myself and gain clarity about how I can make my life better.

Here’s how it works.

Pick the highest point of your day. Make it a real day. Not a fantasy day. Take yourself there. Use all your senses. Then write down what you’re thinking, feeling, seeing, saying, doing, and hearing. Now do the same thing but from the point of view of the highest point in your day. We don’t want to overthink this. We want the information to come from our gut. To make sure of this we set a timer and spend no more than 10 minutes empathy mapping.

Once we have our highs and lows complete, we take a step back and look at the empathy map. Notice emerging trends and themes in your thinking, feeling, seeing, saying, doing, and hearing.

Now pull out the themes and put them into two categories, PAINS and GAINS.

What are the PAINS that you experience in a real day? What are the GAINS?

Now you can clearly see what you are dealing with. It comes from the gut and its written down. Its real. Its tangible. Its actionable.

Our goal it to then find efficient and effective ways that we can reduce our pains and promote our gains. The answers will be clear and they have the power to change our state and creates a shift in our lives.

If you would like to learn more about Empathy Mapping and learn about other startup tools that you can apply to your personal growth, please register for our free webinar. It is going to be a powerful experience that will startup your life!

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