My definition of beauty has changed. When I was younger, I placed a lot of weight on aesthetics and shine, as many boys do. Today, beauty starts with kindness. Without kindness, it’s all just make up to me. Non judgement, depth, awareness of self and how you affect others though your words and actions, thoughtfulness, support, communication, banter, eye contact, having your own life, fitness, wellness, a love and appreciation for your body, having an open mind, open to different perspectives and opinions, trying to understand before trying to be understood, gentle but strong, careful with your words, being able to forgive daily instead of holding onto resentment, not complaining, not seeing yourself as a victim, not making everything about you, lining up your actions with your words, practicing gratitude and compassion. Really doing it not just announcing it. Believing in things greater than yourself, standing for something, giving people the benefit of the doubt even though you’ve been hurt many times, fire in your belly, vulnerability, commitment, standing on your truth, responding not reacting to others, nurturing, giving, leaning into and growing through life turbulence, and the ability to love hard.

The above are things I also try to practice daily and also what I believe a real man looks like. But of course I fall short many times, because I have a story, triggers, and a huge ego. But I do want to be a beautiful human. It’s more important to me these days than money and things. Being a good fucking person, which in our world can be very difficult at times, is just as big a dent as building spaceships.

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