Are You Living Authentically?

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The Pseudo-self does not live in the moment.
It lives in tomorrowland.
It is a lie and it makes you a quivering leaf.

Your Pseudo-self is the one to blame after you come home from the movie you told yourself you would never go see but saw anyway because you didn’t want to “rock the boat”. It’s that piece of you influenced by others, manipulated by relationships. It’s notorious for making excuses and minimizing your worth. The Pseudo-self cock blocks your gifts because it does not allow you to be you. It convinces you it is better to be someone else. It is consuming yet impossible to shake.

The Solid-self’s beliefs are formed and chosen independent of external (relationship) pressures. This doesn’t mean you’re selfish or cocky. It means you are listening to your own voice, not just others. It means you are asking what you want, what you need, before catering to parents, friends, and lovers. It protects you and softens the soil for you to truly be you. Your Solid-self is your truth and it allows you to shine.

So how do you go from Pseudo to Solid?

It can take some time to unlearn old patterns and learn to love ourselves, join our Tribe TODAY to get the resources you need to make a change!

Written by

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” . IG: theangrytherapist.

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