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Jan 17, 2016

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3 quick tips to deal with the stress of moving

There are two things in life that will determine whether a friend is actually a good friend. One, if they drive you to the airport. And two, if they say yes to helping you move. Just the word “move” brings people anxiety. They avoid it like it’s something you can catch. No one wants any part of it. So when you move, there’s a high chance you will be doing it alone.

Here are three quick tips that may help you with the painful dreadful experience known as moving.

1. Never do it alone. Yes, it’s physically taxing and it can also be dangerous since most furniture require more than one person to move safely. But it’s not good for your mental well being. There’s nothing more lonely than moving by yourself. It’s one of those things that will remind you that life would be better with someone else. If yo decide to do it alone, because you don’t want to “burden” your friends, you’ll feeling lonely, bad about yourself, and angry and frustrated because of all the physical work. You’ll be setting yourself up for some negative feelings that you may end up internalizing. So, if you don’t have anyone to help you, hire someone or many someones. Because it’s not just about a helping hand. It’s about feeling like you are not so alone in the world.

2. Make it a party. Now that you’ve decided to not do it alone, let’s take it a step further and really have fun with it. You don’t have to have drinks and piñatas. Or maybe you should. No alcohol of course, but food, drinks, and music will always liven things up. But more importantly, tell yourself you’re going to make it a fun positive experience. That energy will not only get you through the long day or two but will also help others. Because let’s face it, unless they’re getting paid, no one wants to be there. A change in attitude can change the experience. So whether you literally make it a party or not, just make sure your mindset is turned and locked on food, folks, and fun. We’ve all helped friends who’ve made moving fun. Time goes by fast. And it ends up not being so bad. You go home feeling good that you helped a friend. And we’ve also helped friends who dread moving and the experience becomes ten times worse.

3. Get excited about the new. If you’re moving, you’re closing one chapter and opening a new one. Even if the move is a practical one, you are leaving a space and creating a brand new one. Many focus on how frustrating moving can be instead of getting excited about their new space / chapter. No matter how big or small, every move is an opportunity for a shift in your life. Know that, and that within this shift there will be growth and good changes.

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