#27 Don’t stop courting her

Men, this isn’t some romantic magazine bullshit. It’s a mindset, one that may save your relationship. Just because you get the girl doesn’t mean your work is done. It’s actually just the beginning. Like happy, romance doesn’t just happen. It takes effort and creativity. You must fan the flames. Chemistry is not self sustaining. Hence: Date night. Love notes. Thoughtfulness. And eye contact with intention. Prove that you remember what she likes. Know her love language and speak it. Demonstrate desire. Because life happens. We get busy. Distracted. And we drift. We forget that we need to feel wanted, desired, and valued and don’t understand why things have changed when nothing’s wrong. Courting is not a light switch. It is an ongoing process of showing up and that you still want her, through action, words, and energy. It is relationship water and without it, the relationship will dry up. So how ever you did it, keep doing it. It’s not a guessing game now. So it should be easy. You know her better than anyone and if you don’t, you have a bigger problem. Time is not an excuse. Make her feel beautiful and she’ll make you feel invincible and vice versa. Relationships are a living breathing thing. It needs to be fed, nurtured, grown. And a ring or kids doesn’t give you a free pass.

You’re not chasing or seeking attention. You’re validating, expressing, and sharing. You’re reminding her why she’s with you.

Boys stop when they get the girl.

Men keep courting.

Author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*CK” and “Single. on Purpose.” IG: theangrytherapist

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